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About Kinesiology


Kinesiology uses muscle testing to access information about the b​ody. There are many branches that differ in how they use this information to release blocks within the energy system that are limiting the body and its natural healing potential.  I practice a holistic therapy based on asking the body what it needs to return it to optimum health.  It utilises the meridian system to make permanent corrections to the bio-energetic system.


The fundamental tool is muscle testing. This involves applying gentle pressure to an isolated muscle, and assessing the response.  Much as our legs go weak and we have to sit to hear bad news, an isolated muscle will test weak in the presence of a substance or thought that creates a disturbance in the energetic system. If, for example, this occurs when a muscle is tested in the presence of a food it may mean that the person is reacting to that food.


Sessions are unique to each individual and each varies from the next. As a client you lie warm, comfortable and fully clothed on a treatment couch. Working towards a particular concern you have, we use gentle muscle testing (usually using an arm muscle) to determine what weakens or stresses your energy system. This may be a thought, a feeling, a food substance or a pattern of magnets, amongst other things. We then hold acupoints to release the highlighted stress, allowing your natural energy flows to re-balance.

These energy flow problems can be due to emotional baggage, past traumas, accidents, toxins, etc. I think of them like elastic bands, constricting the flow along a complex network. If you think of all the hundreds of stresses we must pick up through our lives, it’s not surprising that some areas are so constricted that they begin to stagnate, while in other areas the flow is too fast or fit to bursting! Releasing these stresses and balancing the energy flow allows your body to do what it does best; to bring itself back into optimum vitality and wellbeing.

Our aim is for you to feel..

                           clearer, lighter, happier and healthier!


Lucy Thompson

Kinesiology in Cumbria

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