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One of the simplest ways of helping your body function better is to provide it with more water. Water flushes out waste products and may be enough to stop constipation. Your body will probably appreciate more water as it's essential for all the thousands of electro-chemical processes that happen every day.

The water needed is still with nothing added, filtered or bottled is best:

  • Water is best at about body temperature as it can be utilised immediately
  • Start the day with a glass of water, great with a slice of fresh lemon.
  • Keep a glass of water near you and sip it often 
  • Keep a bottle of still water near your bed
  • When you feel thirsty, drink water- how often do you drink something else when your body is asking for water?
  • Every time you have an alcoholic drink follow it with water  
  • Have a glass of water while you wait for the kettle to boil for your cup of tea or coffee 
  • Try warm water in winter or instead of tea or coffee

Lucy Thompson

Kinesiology in Cumbria

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