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Emotional Stress Release

This is a kinesiology correction that releases stress held in the head. The stress released by holding the points is stress you currently feel. So really let yourself touch in with the situation that is difficult for you as you hold the points:-


1) Balancing Tap -first do the Thymus Tap for 30 seconds

2) Hold the 5 points simultaneously whilst thinking about what is stressing you for several minutes until you feel more relaxed, find you are sighing, yawning or had enough!

  • Anterior Fontanel (1 only as on the mid-line) -the 'baby soft spot 2-3" back from hairline on top of the head
  • Frontal Eminences (2 points) -middle of the forehead, in line with the pupils
  • Side of temples on edge of hairline (2 points)


Which fingers you use to hold the points is unimportant and will depend on the size of your hand and whether you are holding for yourself or on someone else


• Very helpful after a fall/accident or any stressful situation or thoughts

• Good to do before exams, interviews or just when you are feeling stressed.

• It is VERY IMPORTANT that you really imagine your stressful situation -

Try to see everything clearly, where you are, what you are doing, what is happening around you, who is with you, hear the sounds and voices, feel the temperature, the position you may be in, your feelings, smell the smells, and taste the tastes.

• If you do not feel easier in several minutes, try imagining a different aspect of the same main problem eg If thinking "Going to the dentist" does not work try thinking about: the drill, or the needle, or possible pain or the white tunic etc.


Lucy Thompson

Kinesiology in Cumbria

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