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This process does take a few minutes, try following the youtube video by Franky Kossy

Allergy Tap


Begin by tapping for meridian balance on the thymus. To calm a reaction tap gently but firmly for about 30 seconds in the following places, in any order


1. Either side of your nose at eye level

2. Just below your eyes directly below your pupils when looking straight ahead – you may feel a little notch in the bone here

3. Just below each collar bone, either side of the sternum

4. On either side of your body about half way between your armpits and the level of your elbows – this is often a slightly tender spot

5. Outsides of the little toe nails - at the base of each nail

6. Outsides of the 2nd toes (counting the big toe as the 1st), again at the base of each toe nail.

7. Big toe at the base of each toe nail, on the sides away from the little toes.

8. Indent at the ball of each foot


These are emergency measures. They are not enough to permanently stop you reacting to the substance involved. Kinesiology practitioners have further techniques that have helped many people overcome their allergies without the use of drugs.


Lucy Thompson

Kinesiology in Cumbria

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