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Blood Sugar Balance

Sugar spikes create free-radicals, leading to oxidative stress and inflammation. This is one of the most damaging things to our whole system, from the tiniest blood capillaries to the brain. Alzheimer’s is also known as type 3 diabetes as the brain cells have become intolerant to glucose. 

Balance blood sugar by:

  • eating a diverse plant-based diet including a rainbow of fruit and veg, beans, lentils, resistant starches, nuts, seeds, some fish and wholegrains (such as brown rice, oats and quinoa). 
  • avoiding meat, dairy and refined carbohydrates (especially bread and sugar) 
  • eating smaller meals with healthy snacks. 

In one study a cup of raspberries with a sugary snack prevented blood sugar from spiking.

Try not to eat between 6pm and 8am to give your body time to do other things.



Lucy Thompson

Kinesiology in Cumbria

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