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If you could ask your body what it wanted.. why wouldn't you?

Kinesiology...   optimum health through muscle testing!


On Monday the 19th of July many of the covid restrictions were lifted. However, as we are a close contact business, we have been 

advised by our governing bodies to keep many things the same for the time being.

How you can help

  • Do cancel if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating or displaying symptoms. (Please note that the symptoms of the delta variant are similar to the common cold). There is no charge for cancellations.
  • Do attend your appointment alone unless you require assistance or need a chaperone
  • Bring as few personal belongings as possible.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, please wear a mask, sanitise your hands and take a seat in reception.
  • Where possible keep socially distant from your practitioner and other people in the building.

Things we are doing to help and to keep you safe

Following all the government guidance on cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures.

Your practitioner maintain social distancing measures during the consultation.

Wearing appropriate PPE in line with our therapy’s guidelines.

Ventilating the rooms.

Changing  all linens after each person.

Thoroughly cleaning the treatment space and all surfaces between clients.

Cancelling all our appointments if we or any member of our family are unwell with Covid-19 symptoms or other contagious illnesses.